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Discover our Web Applications

Discover our Web Applications

RESmart (IIoT)

RES Employees & Workstation management

Time management doesn't have to be complex !

RESmart is your web application to manage your resources time.
A digital punch clock for employees and uptime monitoring for your equipment & workstations with our connected IIoT devices.

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Configure in minutes

Fast ROI

Real-time data


Any device




If you have operations...
You have waste !

Our Muda identification app help you record and manage waste elimination.
Thanks to our Muda board you will have a VISUAL tool to follow-up on waste elimination.

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A3 - Problem Solving


If you are innovators like us, you must face problems often

We have developped an A3 app to help you implement a robust problem solving methodology.
A3 methodology is a proven Lean tool and can be implemented throughout the organization.

We have created a A3 Board to ease the follow-up of A3 completion with all approval gates.
It is now easy and visual to know the resolution of problems.

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Proven Methodology

Work as a team

Get results



Going to the Gemba, where the action happens

Our Gemba application is there to help you manage your day-to-day operations and make sure you capture all improvement opportunities.
Implementing a Daily Management System will be a breeze.

Manage team

Track issues

Capture ideas

Keep on schedule



Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata

In this management approach a primary job of leaders and managers is to develop people…
So that desired results can be achieved.

Proven methodology

Systematic coaching

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Continuous Improvement bundle

Continuous Improvement

Discover our Continuous Improvement Bundle

The bundle includes our best Lean tools available for you and your team
to implement and support a culture of Continuous Improvement.

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ALIX - Smart Assistant

ALIX Standing

I'm ALIX, your Smart Assistant !

I was trained to help you manage even your most complexe operations.
I will take care of optimizing your production flow, managing employees, equipment & workstations
and make sure they always have materials to work.

Smart Supervisor

Smart Supervisor

I can assist your Supervisor in managing his department.

Smart Director

Smart Director

I can assist your Plan Director manage the whole plant from door-to-door.

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Here is what you get with ALIX...

Solutions that scale
As you scale

You have 10 employees, we have entry level solutions for you.
You have 250 employees, we can help you manage even complexe operations.

Get the benefits...

Why wait for a long implementation?
Our solutions can often be implemented in days and in the worst case, in weeks, not months.

Be competitive !
On global markets

We know competition is worldwide.
Going Lean and profitable have never been that easy !
With our built-in world class best practices.

Going Digital
Made easy !

Still wondering where to start your Digital Transformation?
We have scalable solutions to help you make the right steps and build on every success you and your team will make.
We have solutions ranging from simple time tracking tools to complete operations management software.

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