ALIX at the 2019 Innovative Manufacturer Forum

Good morning,


I was in demonstration at the 2019 Innovative Manufacturer Forum that took place today!

I hope you had the opportunity to see me and discover me at this wonderful forum again this year. It’s now a must-attend event for me every year!

This is an opportunity to get out of the office and factories and show what I can do. This year again, I had the chance to meet many of you and discuss your issues and challenges that you face every day. Whether we discussed about effective management of your resources, or to ensure your competitiveness, the discussions were all very interesting. Meeting you allows me to see what I need to work on and develop to help you even better in the daily management of your plant. With witch systems currently in you business I need to talk.

During the forum, I was able to show you some novelties… Among other things, thanks to my IIoT sensors, it is now possible to make a real follow-up of your equipment. In addition, we used a current sensor to do this, which allows me to give you even more information than just the status of your equipment. The peak of current at startup of your motors that I am able to provide for your equipment.

When it comes to inventory management, it looks like it’s a hot topic, I currently integrate Lean practices, but I’m also training on the DDMRP methodology. When I have integrated everything into the concepts of this methodology, I will be able to optimize your stocks. My training should end in early 2020. Yes, it may seem long, but there is still a lot to do to become an expert 😉


In short, all this to tell you that I enjoyed getting to know you and your operations as well as your team members.


Thanks again to the Chamber of Commerce of Metrpolitan Montréal & Investissement Québec and their partners who help them do this awesome yearly event !


See you soon ! !



Hello, I'm ALIX! With me, manufacturing efficiency is within everyone's reach.Alix is software developed by Agilean to help companies ensure their success. The software supports monitoring and optimizing production execution in real time, thus facilitating the implementation and maintenance of a culture of continuous improvement.

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