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Our partners provide customer solutions
to support their business processes



Understand customer needs and business processes.
Create a prototype of the solution to the client
and a detailed plan to plan the integration of ALIX.



Implement and customize solutions
to meet customer needs and processes.
Use case studies and customer success stories
to make convincing demonstrations.


Train & Support

Train and support your customers
to get the most out of their business.
Provide ongoing coaching and support
when customer needs change or evolve.

What’s in it for you?

  • SEO Partner
  • Integrator Partner

By becoming a Referral Partner, you’ll get first-hand insight into the benefits of partnering with Agilean.
Earn incentives by attracting new business opportunities by developing your own business.

Our SEO program could become a business in itself for you!
This partnership could generate interesting recurring revenue for your business.

As an Integrator Partner, you will integrate your solutions with one or more Agilean products to add value to the customer experience.
Agilean works closely with many technology and service providers from a variety of industries to provide customers with access to an integrated suite of complementary solutions.

Partner Testimonial

Our partnership with Agilean allows us to have good solutions
to solve our customers’ most complex problems.

Jonathan Clément
General Director, Hypershell

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