Operations optimization: eliminate paper on your production floor

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Operations optimization: eliminate paper on your production floor

As the owner of a manufacturing business, you know how important it is to optimize your processes and reduce your costs. But did you know that one of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to eliminate paper from your production floor?


Not only is paper a source of waste, mess and errors, but it can also slow down your workflow, increase your risk of non-compliance and damage your environmental image. On the other hand, by adopting digital solutions to manage your documents, data and communications, you can benefit from many advantages, such as:


Better traceability and greater transparency of your operations.

You can indeed access the complete history of your orders, your stocks, your shipments and your invoices, as well as your company’s key performance indicators. You can also check at any time the progress of your projects, compliance with quality and safety standards, and any problems or deviations to be corrected.


Reduced production time and labor costs.

You can optimize the use of your material and human resources, avoiding wasted time associated with filling, filing, transporting or searching for paper documents. You can also automate certain repetitive or administrative tasks, such as data entry, report generation or customer invoicing.


Improved quality and customer satisfaction.

You can reduce the risks of errors, omissions or loss of information by using standardized formats, barcodes or QR codes to identify your products or documents. You can also offer a faster and more personalized service to your customers, by allowing them to place their orders online, track the status of their delivery or view their invoices on a secure platform.


Facilitating collaboration and sharing information between different departments.

You can create an internal network that connects everyone involved in your production chain, whether they are in the field or in the office. You can also use instant communication tools, such as chat, email or videoconference, to exchange information, documents or feedback in real time.


A reduction in your ecological footprint and an enhancement of your sustainable commitment.

You can reduce your consumption of paper, ink, electricity and fuel by limiting printing, photocopying or transporting documents. You can also help preserve natural resources and reduce waste. Finally, you can improve your image with your customers, your partners and the public, by displaying your social and environmental responsibility.


How can ALIX help you eliminate paper on your production floor?

ALIX is built to work 100% digitally. All the management of your operations is found in a single system.

It can :

– connect with your e-commerce solutions,

– provide you with real-time inventory requirements based on customer orders,

– help you organize your value chains and operations,

– manage your inventory and warehouses,

– facilitate the tracking of current tasks, talents and workstations.


To learn more, check out ALIX Features.


In conclusion, by eliminating paper on your production floor, you can streamline your operations, increase your productivity and profitability, and stand out from the competition. So, what are you waiting for to take the plunge?


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Alexandre Dubé is the founder and president of Agilean. A company that is entirely dedicated to making manufacturing SMEs more efficient and competitive in order to ensure their sustainability and success. Alexandre Dubé studied mechanical engineering before heading to industrial engineering, which he combined with a master's degree in business administration (MBA). These three areas of expertise bring an excellent understanding of all the challenges facing SMEs. He has spent more than fifteen years in industrial and service environments as well as in research and development within various cultures (North American, European and Asian).

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