Muda series: Defects (Waste 7/8)

What is it?

Defects are any work that contains errors, faults or repetitions, missing something necessary.


Examples of defects:

Deficient process control, questionable quality level, product design, employees are not empowered to approve their own work, lack of employee training, bad tools / equipment, frequent interruptions of work, etc.

Difficulty level:



Pro tip:

Make sure you DO quality rather than fall into a quality control mode. It will always cost more to control quality than obtaining quality products at first. If you need to use quality control, make sure you always do it upstream of the bottleneck. This must be produced with quality material, otherwise, it will lose capacity that can never be recovered.


Did you know…

It is always best to resolve quality issues or defects on the fields as soon as they are found. Thus, you will avoid all the treatment of non-conformities and all the work that arises from it.



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