Muda series: Overprocessing (Waste 6/8)

What is it?

Over processing is any task done “in advance” or any effort that does not add value from the customer’s point of view.



Examples of over processing:

Change of product, change of process, “just in case” logic, badly defined or unclear customer requirements, redundant approvals, etc.



Difficulty level:


Pro tip:

Quality levels that are required by customers must be clearly defined. Nevertheless, it is easy to do too much especially if you have perfectionist or very / too meticulous employees.


Did you know…

If you have different quality levels from product to product or customer to customer, managing quality will not be easy. Therefore, over processing will appear.

Some people are tempted to harmonize the quality levels upwards to have only one standard. Be careful, because the costs thus generated could be quite impressive and are not always easy to calculate



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