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ALIX's Versions

Prices shown are per user with full access (all modules)
RES Employees & Workstation management
ALIX - Connected Resources
/ Per month
Employee Attendance
(Timesheet / Digital Punch)
Follow-up of the usage of equipment
requires IIoT (see below)
Complete dashboard:
to track your resources
& your equipment
Smart Supervisor
ALIX - Smart Supervisor
/ Per month
Fifty (50) users maximum
One (1) Value Stream
20 steps maximum
by Value Stream
Unlimited Projects
LEAN Inventory Management
Real-time production monitoring
by project / order
Real-time monitoring of the usage
of resources and equipment (IIoT)
Attendance of employees
Comprehensive Dashboards:
- Projects & Items
- Resources
- Equipments
- Inventories (MP / WIP / PF)
- Clients & Suppliers
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Smart Director
ALIX - Smart Director
/ Per month
Unlimited users
Unlimited Value Stream
Unlimited Steps in Value Stream
Unlimited Projects
LEAN Inventory Management
Supply Chain Integration
(Clients - Suppliers)
Real-time production monitoring
by project / order
Real-time monitoring of the usage
of resources and equipment (IIoT)
Attendance of employees
Comprehensive Dashboards:
- Projects & Items
- Resources
- Equipments
- Inventories (MP / WIP / PF)
- Clients & Suppliers
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The add-ons are the same regardless of the version chosen
ALIX Utilisateur Production | Production User
Production User
/ Per month
Adds production users with only the required access.
ALIX Punch
Punch User
/ Per month
Adds production employees who only have access to the digital punch function.
Connected Equipment (IIoT)
/ Per month
Allows real-time and quality monitoring of equipment and workstations.

To connect your equipment to ALIX, you will need our IIoT box.

Click on the button of the module you want to order:

Equipment IIoT

Our Equipment IIoT module allows real-time monitoring of the usage of equipment.
Thanks to our Current Sensor and its configurations, ALIX can tell you at any time if your equipment is working.
ALIX can also give you the average power consumption as well as the “peak” of current during the observed period.

Scale IIoT

Our Scale IIoT module allows to connect a scale and thus automatically capture the weight without transcription error of the displayed value.

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Questions & Answers

1. When can we start?

The first step is to get in touch with us!
Whether through our demo application, which we will learn more about your business. You will also get to know ALIX better.

Or simply by filling out the contact form.

We will be with you shortly!

2. Which version is the best for us?

ALIX comes in different versions that will be able to support you at different stages of the development of your company or to give the information and monitoring that you have identified.

Whichever version you choose, it is always possible to migrate to another version of ALIX as your needs change.

3. What about I already have an accounting software?

ALIX can in many cases interact with your accounting software already in place. This facilitates its integration into your current environment and minimizes change management associated with bringing a new software.

We are also able to offer you efficient and adapted accounting solutions that will work together with ALIX.

Let us discuss with you to find the best integration possible.

4. I already have an ERP, but the monitoring of the floor remains an issue?

ALIX is born from the need to have a production floor management and monitoring tool that is simple and intuitive to use. That’s why ALIX can work with your current ERP.

In some cases, depending on the ERP implementation that has been made, ALIX and its accounting supplement may replace your ERP. While in other cases, integration remains the best solution.
Further need analysis is required to answer this question…

Do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to discuss your needs. to find the best solution!

5. Inventory management is our main challenge.

No problem, ALIX is able to follow up and even bring traceability on all your inventories. Whether it’s the raw material that enters your factory or the finished goods that come out of it, ALIX will be able to give you the information in real time, all the time.

ALIX is also a master in the monitoring of inventories of products in-progress (WIP). You will have the visibility that you have always searched for.

Other questions ?

We will be happy to exchange with you to learn more about your company.

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About Us

Find out more about Agilean, the company behind ALIX. We are operational efficiency experts with many years of experience in the manufacturing sector.
It is this experience that we pass on to ALIX so that it can help you every day!

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ALIX's satisfied customers testimonials

We are very proud of the service and all the products we offer.
Read the testimonials of our satisfied customers.
I don't need a supervisor, ALIX is my virtual supervisor.
I can adjust priorities for the next shift from my living room.
The implementation was as easy as creating an email address.

Yann Patenaude

President - Tactik Recycling

Since ALIX is at LongpreBP, it has simplified the monitoring of our production!
We saved time and gained information that was not readily available before.

Olivier Longpré

Co-founder - LongpreBP