Know in real-time who is there

Quality information in real-time

Payroll processing made easy

We can help your resources

By knowing who is there.

Smart Director

Let ALIX be part of your team

He will make sure everyone arrives on time and is on duty.

Attendance monitoring.

Let ALIX keep track and compile worked hours.
He will provide you with a nice weekly report...
Want to Try It ?

A tablet placed where employees get in the building.

The tablet allows to follow the attendance of employees on site.
Easy to know if an employee is absent or on time.

Directly in the app, at their workstation.

It is also possible for the employee to notify directly in the application on the Home page.

Simplified payroll processing.

Giving you visibility and compiling hours worked for each employee is very simple.

You want a Spreadsheet type of report, we are doing it for you.
You want the report emailed to you directly every week, not a problem…

What is important for you?

Comments when employees clock-in?
Notes on late arrival or early departure?
Know on which workstation an employee is working?

You will be amazed at all the information we can provide.

Just tell us how you want the information and we will take care of the rest.