Quality information in real-time

Workstation uptime at your fingertips

Power consumption on equipment (IIoT)

No more errors reading scales values (IIoT)

A complete visibility

Thanks to IIoT devices connected to workstations and equipment

RES Employees & Workstation management

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for unprecedented monitoring

Join world leaders in future technology: our IIoT platform is waiting for you.
Reduce downtime, increase your revenues and improve your overall performance.
Want toTtry It ?

We will give you the exact status directly in the Equipment module.

You can also compare the data entered by employees with those acquired directly by our IIoT modules.

No more errors in transcribing the values read on your scales

We are able to get the value directly from the scale connected to your workstation with one click.

A light, but robust case. Factory ready!

Our case is light and easy to install on your equipment or scale.
It is also sealed for more hostile environments (IP65).

The limit?   Our imagination…

Thanks to data collected directly from the production floor in real time,
getting the right information for quick decision making has never been easier.