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Go Beyond Manufacturing

ALIX, supports the monitoring and optimization of production execution in real time, thus facilitating the implementation and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Many tools are integrated to facilitate the coordination of your resources, workstations and stocks to help you reduce production time and costs.

ALIX, a Software As A Service (SaaS) to optimize your operations in real time.

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Quick notes
Talent Management

Follow-up on timesheets and assignments of your workforce.

Information Management

Save time and eliminate errors in managing file versions and part revisions.

Higher Productivity

Easily identify operation’s bottleneck and waste. Eliminate recurring tasks through automation.


Get instant access to all the data anywhere, anytime (24/7/365). Thanks to the cloud!

Training made easy

With a user-friendly interface, training will be a matter of minutes.


Software tailored to be flexible and configurable for an easy use. It will shape to your business.


Keep your data safe with built-in protections. Easy login and password for every employee with rights management so people get access to what is relevant for their work.

Data Processing

Thanks to all data collected in real-time in the operations, our Business Intelligence (BI) module will allow you the get the right KPIs to take educated decision as soon as possible to limit the impacts.


By collecting all data in real-time in the operations, there is no need for extra work to compile data and create reports.
It’s all live !