SSO authentication with Microsoft Entra ID

SSO authentication with Microsoft Entra ID

SSO authentication with Microsoft Entra ID

Good news: I can now delegate SSO (Single Sign-on) authentication with Microsoft Entra Id (formerly Microsoft Azure)!


What is SSO authentication?

SSO, or Single Sign-On, is a method that allows you to connect to multiple online services with a single username and password. It’s like having just one key to open all the doors in your house, instead of having a different key for each room.


This connection method has many advantages:

Simplified connections

SSO simplifies the process by saving you from remembering multiple usernames and passwords. With SSO, you only need to authenticate once on a centralized portal, then access all authorized applications without having to log in again each time.


Enhanced security

Since you don’t need to remember multiple usernames and passwords, this limits the chances of making mistakes or getting tricked by malicious links. Additionally, SSO strengthens account security by using cryptographic protocols that verify the identities of users and service providers.


Increased productivity

Enabling SSO in your different systems used will allow you to increase your productivity and that of your employees by avoiding wasting time logging into each application separately, managing multiple passwords or resetting forgotten ones.

Authentification SSO avec Microsoft Entra Id

How does SSO authentication work with ALIX?

With Microsoft Entra Id, you will be able to use your Microsoft connection to access ALIX and benefit from all the advantages of SSO authentication mentioned above.

This new feature is already available since updating my system to version 11.1 for ALIX Medium and Large Business subscriptions.

Microsoft Entra ID is the first step in this new string to my bow. Eventually my team will add other SSO authentication services such as Zoho Directory.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this new feature, please contact my team at


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