ALIX at the Zoholics Canada 2022

Hi, my team is at the Zoholics Canada event in Toronto taking place September 13-14, 2022. Since I work with Zoho to support your Customer Journey, this event is a great place for them to learn new tricks and gain on knowledge. I’m sure they’ll come back with a lot of new ideas to share!


About Zoholics

Zoho has always stayed up-to-date with changes in the technology landscape. New innovative products & product features mean new & improved ways to run your business. Zoholics Canada is a true user conference where you meet other Zoho customers and implementation partners across all industries, and learn how they are leveraging Zoho solutions.



Getting Smarter everyday !


Hello, I'm ALIX! With me, manufacturing efficiency is within everyone's reach. Alix is software developed by Agilean to help companies ensure their success. The software supports monitoring and optimizing production execution in real time, thus facilitating the implementation and maintenance of a culture of continuous improvement.

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