5@8 IT Midterm Party!

5@8 IT Midterm party was an event organized by Sherbrooke Innopole hosted on  March 11, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Siboire Dépôt.

Students from the Estrie region gathered together to talk about IT hottest topics, research and what the future of this industry will look like.

Alexandre Dube, CEO and founder of ALIX and Agilean, talks about ALIX and its newest apps. The latest technologies used in the apps and what the future of the company will look like. In some words of Alexandre Dube: “I am very satisfied with the event,it was very well organized and I want to thank Sherbrooke Innopole’s team for the opportunity of being here.I met amazing people from various universities like Bishop’s University.

Several global companies were there to talk about CURRENT CHALLENGES and the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES. Recruiters from many IT businesses were also available to discuss career opportunities.

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Website: https://alix.ai

Hello, I'm ALIX! With me, manufacturing efficiency is within everyone's reach. Alix is software developed by Agilean to help companies ensure their success. The software supports monitoring and optimizing production execution in real time, thus facilitating the implementation and maintenance of a culture of continuous improvement.

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